Tile Ranges

Ranging from Floor tiles to Wall tiles, our tiles can be used in most rooms around the home, including bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from large format floor tiles to textured wall tiles or select patterned tiles to brighten up any room

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic is the common material choice for wall tiles as they are lightweight and inexpensive tiles whereas floor tiles can benefit from stronger materials as they need to withstand more wear and tear dependent on the level of traffic received under foot. Ceramic tiles tend to have a gloss finish and making them easy to keep clean and are up to 7.4mm in thickness.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles have a high water-resistance rating meaning they are more suitable for rooms of higher humidity and spillages such as kitchens and bathrooms than other materials. They boast high quality décor designs, have high breaking resistance making them an ideal choice for busy, high traffic homes and are simple to keep looking like new.

Coloured body Porcelain tiles

Coloured body tiles have the same colour all the way through, making the tile more durable and if the surface is chipped it’s less noticeable. These tiles are also rectified, meaning the tile edges are mechanically cut for a perfect edge. You can lay these tiles closer together, using a 2mm spacer instead of the typical 4mm.

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