For over 200 years Valspar® Paint have been trusted with your colours. The colours that are personal. The colours you want to fill your life with. Whether it's a picture in a magazine, a colour scheme you've fallen in love with from Pinterest, or the colour of the lampshade, we can match from 2.2 million colours*.

If you don't have a colour you'd like to match we still have a range of 2000 fantastic colours for you to choose from. So whether you're decorating your wall and ceilings, wood and metal trim, or even your kitchen and bathroom, with Valspar's unlimited range of colours you can create a truly personalised palette for every room in your home.

With Valspar, mixing your own paint is simple

  • 1. Choose a colour

    1. Choose a colour

    Choose from our range of 2000 fantastic colours. We also offer a colour matching service.

  • 2. Mixing the paint

    2. Mixing the paint

    Our in store team will help you select the right product and finish for your project. Once the colour has been created, you can save it in the system with a name unique to you, so you can purchase that colour again.

  • 3. Enjoy the new look

    3. Enjoy the new look

    To make sure you really love your colour we recommend you try a tester pot first. The Valspar® colour matching service will make sure your finish is perfect, with a quality paint that lasts as long as you love it.

  • 4. Love your colour guarantee

    4. Love your colour guarantee*

    If for any reason you don’t love your new Valspar colour, with the Valspar Love Your Colour Guarantee available on selected products, you can buy another colour and Valpsar will refund you the cost.*

Interior wall & ceiling paint

  • Premium Blend V700 Walls & Ceilings

    Premium Blend V700™ Walls & Ceilings

    Valspar’s most scrubbable and stain resistant emulsion for an exceptional finish in half the time. Perfect for busy homes.

    Colour matching available
    1L - £15
    2.5L - £29
    5L - £46

  • Blend V500 Walls & Ceilings

    Blend V500™ Walls & Ceilings

    A versatile emulsion for a long lasting finish, with great durability that’s easy to clean and maintain.

    Colour matching available
    2.5L - £24
    5L - £38

  • Blend V300 Walls & Ceilings

    Blend V300™ Walls & Ceilings

    An easy to use emulsion that’s simple to clean. Available in our best selling colours.

    90 colours available
    2.5L - £16
    5L - £26

  • Blend V500 Kitchen & Bathroom

    Blend V500™ Kitchen & Bathroom

    A mould resistant emulsion containing preservatives that control mould and mildew growth on the surface. Good scrubbability and resistance to common household stains.

    Colour matching available
    2.5L - £27

Interior wood & metal paint

  • Premium Blend V700 Wood & Metal

    Premium Blend V700™ Wood & Metal

    Valspar’s high performance and non-yellowing paint. Excellent scrubbability and great stain resistance makes it perfect for busy homes.

    Colour matching available
    1L - £25
    2.5L - £34

  • Blend V500 Wood & Metal

    Blend V500™ Wood & Metal

    A non-yellowing, scrubbable, and versatile paint. Easy to clean and maintain. Endures the scuffs and knocks of daily living.

    Colour matching available
    1L - £21
    2.5L - £30

Exterior paint

  • Masonry


    A smooth emulsion with 15 years guaranteed protection against cracking, flaking and peeling. It’s rainproof in just 30 minutes against harsh weather conditions.

    Colour matching available
    2.5L - £25
    5L - £36

  • Wood & Metal

    Wood & Metal

    With a 15 year performance guarantee against cracking, flaking and peeling, this exterior paint protects from all weathers and UV rays.

    Colour matching available
    1L - £29
    2.5L - £42

  • Garden Colours

    Garden Colours

    With a 6 year performance guarantee, this fade resistant paint is perfect for adding a new lease of life to sheds, fences, furniture and other garden wood.

    200 colours available
    1L - £15
    2.5L - £25
    5L - £42

  • Decking Colours

    Decking Colours

    A weather proof, scuff resistant paint that’s perfect for adding a new lease of life to your decking. It highlights the natural texture, but conceals the wood grain.

    200 colours available
    2.5L - £34
    5L - £54

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Terms & Conditions

*Available on selected products. For full details, terms and conditions and how to claim visit Valspar.